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I'm not so sure there is that much to tell - at least not that will be of that much interest to people, but here goes.

We are both in our 60's, have been together since November (Thanksgiving weekend), 1979, and have lived in midtown the entire time.  Our first apartment was on Houston Street, our first house was on Dauphin St, and we are now in the house I grew up in - if you know me you will know where it is.

We both grew up with pets, but would not have any when we lived on Houston or Dauphin - the pessimist/realist in both of us keep us from getting one for fear that it would somehow get out and get in the busy street.  Now that we are in a neighborhood and have a large fenced in yard, we have Honey and BoBeaux.

Honey came to us through our good friend Bob.  Bob had rescued her from Birmingham, but when he had to take back one of his Cocker pups (in addition to the mom and sister he still had) he felt she needed a home where she could get the attention she needed and deserved.  As fate would have it, our conversation one evening turned to how we had recently moved and could now feel comfortable having a pet.  Bob showed us a couple of photos and it was all over.  Just to make sure she liked us, I offered to dog sit her that coming weekend.  When I got to the bar to pick her up after work that Friday, she greeted me at the door - tail wagging and the biggest smile you have ever seen on a dog's face.  She stayed by my side while Bob and I talked (Wendy was there and laughed when I called Honey my Honey-Bunny).  Well, that was August 2011 and she is still my Honey-Bunny.

BoBeaux is a whole 'nother story.  One day in February (I think), 2013, one of our neighbors asked Peter about our new dog. When Peter said that we did not get another dog Mary Lou said "well there has been another dog in your yard for two days." Peter found him by the garage gate and coaxed him to the back deck.  As you can imagine, after at least two days in the back 40, the little guy was hungry.  He had obviously been loved because someone had taken him to the vet to have hi back leg operated on - you can still see the scar.  But after that he had obviously gotten a wire of some kind wound around the same leg - another scar you can see.  Unfortunately, between the two - he has limited use of that leg - and uses it to his advantage. He waited by that gate every time he went out until we would call him to come inside.When he showed up he weighed all of 19 lbs - he is now just shy of 50 lbs.  He is a sweetheart and our protector.  Thank goodness someone put him in our back yard!

They are our babies, and they love each other - they play, they snuggle, they preen one another, and they both get jealous if the other is getting attention and they are not.

I won't say we are foodies because we most assuredly are not - I could not tell you the last time we went out to a real restaurant for a real meal.  But, that is because we both can cook.  As we have aged together we have also somewhat changed roles or types of cooking.  I use to be all about the basics and Peter would be more adventurous.  Now, I love to try new recipes and/or "xperment" - drives him crazy; but basically the same 3 or 4 dishes with minor variations drives me crazy.  Yet we survive. 

We are both in a Mardi Gras Krewe, KOP.  Again, if you know us you will know whichone - or if you are from around here you may recognize the initials.  I was crowned King in 2015 and reigned over the 2016 Ball.  Peter was crowned at the 2016 Ball and will reign in 2017.  Silly me has decided that I am going to make his train and suit.  I was going to make mine last year but a surgery and 6 weeks with my leg elevated in a cast and then 6 weeks in a walking boot kinda knocked my time schedule off.  I have started, but motivation is not what it should/needs to be.

Well that's about all I can think of to share.  Once I figure out what I am doing, I will try to add more stuff.